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After the Old 2007 Machine began to break downm I decided that I really didn't want the idea of the machine to die, and that I had to do something about it, one of those things was keeping that machine alive for as long as I possibly could, however at some point everything needs to change.

A couple of the first parts that were replaced were the RAM, I managed to acquire a set of Crucial Ballistix Tracer LED DDR2 1066MHz memory, which was a pretty good step up from the slow and cheap looking 667MHz Kingston dimms (That I thought were 800MHz for the longest time) this stuff was actually fast, and it has freaking LEDs on it and lights up the whole system (Not that you can see it because of the case).

Later on I changed the CPU from a Q6600 (it died) to a Q9505, probably should have gone for a Q9550/9650 because of the higher clocks and extra cache, however I was not in the best financial situation at the time (this was before I was 16, so I couldn't get a job) so I went with the former, I replaced the other two Kingston dimms with a set of Corsair Dominator DDR2 1066MHz a little while later, taking me up to 4GBs of 1066MHz DDR2, however it was limited to 800MHz because of the motherboard, more on that later.

The 8800GTX died with absoloutely no sign, just died, no warning at all, no overheating or sparks or anything crazy, just a bunck of blue lines on the screen, stopping entirely shortly after (The fan would spin up really damn load but no image or anything :/), Luckily I had managed to find a Gigabyte Passive HD 4850 for $10 on eBay, which was a pretty good deal, seeing as the only other GPUs at that price range were GT 210s, 8400GS's, MX4000/440s etc, however that GPU overheated a lot, as the case I was using was pretty terrible (some weird russian mid-tower I managed to get new off eBay, Model Number ATX-6206-CA USB) and the card was from 2008, not 2007, and wanting to keep to the correct time period without having to break the bank by buying an 8800 Ultra, I decided to go with a more pedestrian HD 3870 (I can always CrossFire a couple of them together if need be) as although technically the 3870X2 was based off of 2 GPUs from 2007, the asking price for those used was insane, and it was actually cheaper to get a CrossFire ready motherboard, 2x 3870s, a PSU, XF bridge cable and other accessories, so I'll go with that in the future, unless I manage to get one for under $40 (even though yes I know it's from early '08).

The old 120GB (Only ~90GB accessible oof) started spitting out errors as if there was nothing else to do, there were more and more bluescreens, and eventually it just keeled over and died, sounding like a 1950s tin baby's rattle, I also managed to snap off the SATA data cable from the 200GB storage drive whilst installing it in my new main Custom PC, so I had to ham-fist the connector back on and get the data off of it as quicly as I possibly could (looking back at what was on that drive it really wasn't worth doing) as for a new boot device I had been looking at getting something like an old 20GB, 40GB or 80GB Intel SSD as well as another storage drive, however for the moment I'm just using another spare laptop drive until I can get motivated enough to get an SSD.

Finally there's the motherboard, I managed to spot a reasonable deal for a Gigabyte GA-X48-DS5, it had been one of the motherboards I'd been thinking of getting to replace the dying P965 motherboard that the 2007 Machine already ran on, didn't take too long to get it, and I managed to get it up and running pretty quickly (after pulling off the old heatsink, which its backplate had been adhered to the motherboard using double sided tape for some reason, it actually came with a cooler, CPU and memory... Decided to swap the memory out for the better memory I already had, as well as changing the cooler, I decided to keep the Q6600 that was already in there for testing and whatnot.