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So this website is not going to be perfect, there are some issues that I have found already whilst creating this site.

One issue that I have noticed, and this is specifically only with older versions of Internet Explorer (noticabley IE version 8), is that the text at the top of the page follows on from the page select buttons, where it should be located underneath, this issue is not present on newer browsers, but it's still irritating, I can add breaks into the HTML code, which fixes the issues with Internet Explorer... But screws with the formatting in newer browsers, so I have just decided to leave it alone. Mind you the we page still works in Internet Explorer... It's just not perfect.

Update 12/19/19: NITA is currently being added to, check out the new pages that are being added, more stuff is coming to NITA! We have had Ben from presario425 request a copy of this site for his own use on his own personal network, part of the eCafe network in his own home, that's cool! We have been working on the website from college and from home, there has been a lot of work done to this website over the last few weeks as more pages have been added.

Update 1/8/20: After the last college term of 2019 I managed to extract the hard drive from "that laptop" that the school was so reluctant to give me, I brought it home and put it in my Dell Dimension 8300 desktop, I fumbled around for a bit trying to find the right CD to use to reset the password, whilst I was doing that I just decided to attempt to boot up the machine and see if it would even work at all... I was greeted by a bluescreen... However that was because Windows XP does not like to be transferred between different machines, even though I have had luck with it in the past, because of the massive difference in hardware the OS refused to boot, however after more fumbling through the password reset tool I was able to gain access to the main Adminstrator account of the laptop, which was nice becuase now I am able to access the internet and run programs.

Update 2/27/20: I have been working on another project, a high performance gaming PC and workstation from ~late 2010, or around 10 years ago. It was actually the motherboard that I had first decided upon as the platform to the whole build, I chose an X58 based solution, thinking that it would be period accurate, since intel's second gen didn't come out until 2011, so I chose, for more than one reason, Gigabyte's GA-X58A-UD5 Rev.1 motherboard , I wanted an i7 950, however at the time I was a little skint for money, and although it was only and extra $3 I sort of had to go for the i7 920 instead, though there isn't that much of an increase in performance between the two. I had already gotten the graphics card from around 6 months prior, a GTX 480, which I thought would be okay, though I really wanted a 3gb 580, seeing as that would give me a bit more performance, with 2x the VRAM... I still need to get a case and power supply for this thing, hopefully an Antec 1200 and a Corsair CX850. I'd like to use another one of those CNPS9900A-LED zalman coolers and better ram, but I'll live with what I've got for the mean time.

Update 3/9/20: I recieved a bursary from my school, so I guess they're not all bad. It was meant for a laptop, and I had a maximum budget, so i decided that I would go along with the maximum budget and buy the best laptop I could for the money that I was allocated. I looked around for what I thought I cuold get and I ended up deciding upon getting one of the recent ROG Zephyrus laptops, one with a Ryzen 7 and a 1660 Ti, completely overkill for school work but it was nice either way, at least with the better specs, the 512gb m.2 drive and the 16gb of ram it will last a while without requiring an upgrade! This thing is great, it is really fast, the keyboard is not to bad, even though the keys are the short travel chiclet type, they are pretty snappy and actually pretty easy to get used to, though I would obviously still want to use a propper keyboard.

Update 5/5/20: Since the beginning of qurantine I have been working more and more on this site, and because of that I have been testing it out on more and more different systems to see what it works on. I have noted some compatibility issues with it at first, maybe I should rethink what I include on this site as some web elements may not be compatible with outdated versions of browsers and operating systems. Now I know that I like older hardware and software, but I have noted some strange behavior whilst testing. One of the first things that I have already mentioned was the issues with IE8, and that the navigation bar at the top gets messed up, another thing I have noticed is that bullet points in lists will often dissapear and be replaced by "•" instead, so if you see that in front of a list, that's the reason, I could change it for a dash to make it more compatible, but that is something that I will have to think about. Another issue is with special characters and historic symbols, I have noticed that the Runic page does not render correctly.

Update 6/1/20: Non Public testing has began, the ip is [ADDRESS REDACTED], so come along and take a look at the wonders of the archives, perhaps you could upload something to bulk the website out and make it more of an experience.

Update 7/7/20: We are now public! As of today Not in the Archives! Will now be publicly registered on, Happy Hunting!

Update 9/11/20: More is coming to the archives, we have been updating our old articles, adding images and improving them generally. Further testing has been carried out on the server-client level as the site propgates across the net (we now have a DNS with FreeDNS, and the forwarding now works so you can access this site). We are deciding on a dedicated server to run Not in the Archives 24/7 and our connection is being upgraded from DSL to 100/100 MBPS fiber (coming in late October).

Update 10/26/20: More important upgrades; Not In The Archives' network has upgraded to a high-speed, low-latency fiber-based connection, meaning that images as well as other high-bandwidth requiring content can be loaded to clients much faster than it could before, we have upgraded from a slow DLS connection with 16mbps down and 0.8mbps up to a now much faster 300mbps down/300mbps up, thanks to Gigaclear, who also don't mind sites like this to be hosted, as long as it doesn't break their TOS, which in this case, Not In The Archives does not, following their guidelines and making sure no rogue content is hosted as I wish for this project to continue as long as possible.

Update 11/22/20: Rebuilding a newer & better version of the 2007 Machine, Learning Linux, more articles from more users, fixed issues with server & comms outages.

Update 12/18/20: Not in the Archives! turns 1 year old! This began as a personal project around this time last year, originally only working on a single page of the site (which would later become the "homepage"), Since then we have added much more to the site, as well as improving the user interface and experience, we have gone from basic client only access, to LAN, then WAN using direct connection through my old (now defunct) IP, and finally being hosted 24/7 with a DNS and an actual web address. The original Not in the Archives! page can be found here Original page (yes that was all it was!)

Update 1/17/21: Revamped the landing page, added more information, more articles and rants have been added, considering getting a Raspberry Pi 4 to replace the current server for improved network speeds, reliability and energy efficiency.

Update 2/28/21: Not in the Archives! will be down temporarily as the server running NitA needs servicing. Do not worry, NitA will be back online shortly, as for the time being, a temporary page will be hosted on AllThatGoodStuff's VPS whilst the main NitA server is worked on.

Update 4/7/21: Currently improving the user interface, adding easier navigation and a custom cursor that you can use on all of our pages that support it!

Update 7/2/21: After a considerable amount of downtime (after the original server having a motherboard failure) Not in the Archives! is back up an running on new hardware. I had toyed with the idea of getting a Raspberry Pi 4 and running debian on it, yet I had yet to actually get one, however after my first paycheck I decided to get one (as the original server had died), it was a bit of a pain to set up, especially because I doubt this is the typical use for one of these things, however it works... somehow (not trying to jinks it). I will go more in depth about the process of setting it up (that is if I don't go insane trying) and what happened to the old server.