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Welcome to Not in the Archives! A place for obscure items and internet stuff, big and small!

So this has been a work in progress project for some time now, I've just been learning how to do HTML stuff, with a steep learning curve, it has not been that easy to do unfortunately.

Just to get things straight, this website is not perfect, Heck it isn't even finished! But that is something that I am working towards, seeing as I would like this to become an actual website at some point in time.

This has been an idea floating in my head for a long time, mostly because of things that are in the archives actually, but I wanted my site to be different, seeing as I wanted a repository for stuff that better interests myself (even if it doesn't!)

There are many examples of things that just dont seem to exist, things that are pretty damn obscure, things that I would have had no idea existed, unless they were put somewhere like this. It is usually only by accident that I happened to come across things like that, and thank god I do, as I have since backed that sort of stuff up to my own computer (These backups will be coming later to this website btw). There's other things to, things that had been around for 10+ years that I had no idea existed even though they have been described as "Widespread", this is kinda what this website is dediceted to, that stuff that flys by the average Joe's head, managing to keep to only the darkest depths of the internet, even it it was popular at some point! This is the kinda stuff that needs to be archived, even if this is not an end of the world scenario, it is kinda fun to test my skills and try to write a website!

Now really, this is only really a test at the moment, as I have been editing this on many different computers and operating systems, at this point in time I have used my custom PC (A 6 core ryzen based system with a GTX 1070), one of the computers at my college (Intel Core i3 4170) and an old 1.73GHz Pentium M windows Xp laptop that also belongs to my college, though I have requested it they are reluctant to let me have it even though they never use it and I know that thet never use it because I accidentally screwed it up and it tries to boot into Xp setup unless you select otherwise.

The Archives are not just for archived websites and products, but it is also a place to show off your own HTML writing skills, you can create your own personal page, write creatively, or express your frustration for something on our "Rants" page! Not In The Arhives more than just an Archive, it is also a way to express yourself and connect with the wider internet.

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