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At the time of writing it is 2019, AMD has "ryzen" back to the top in terms of performance (And value too!) they are trading blows with intel for both creative circumstances and gaming as well, the 3600 is one of AMDs most value oriented CPU, with 6 cores and 12 threads, running with PCIe 4.0, giving it twice the bandwidth of the previous generation, giving way for much greater connectivity, you can run a PCIe 3.0 16x card at PCIe 4.0 8x with pretty much no performance loss, Intel on the other hand is still stuck on 14nm, where AMD in on 7nm, Intels chips area also becomeing less powerful and are much more expensive, having less value than the AMD equivelents, plus even in the server space, Intels 28 core costs $10k, whereas AMDs EPYC 64 costs only $7k and has 64 cores, its either spend $20k and only get 56 cores, or pay only $14, and get 128 cores and 256 threads, which is crazy to think about, AMDs EPYC CPUs also easily beat Intel's offerings... So you can kind of see where I am going from there... Adding to that, the whole i9 10980XE calamity, intel pushed it out 6 hours before AMD released their 3000 series threadripper (Zen 2) not only was Intel's naming scheme stupid, but that was the fastest ever that a CPU became obsolete... wow

There's also the thing with the 9900KS, a binned 9900K, Intel is really getting desperate at this point in time, their lack in innovation has lead to AMD being able to catch up to them, and to be honest I am not even surprised. Intel just refreshed the same CPU for the last few years and thought that AMD would never catch up... the thing is you should never stop innovating, that's just never a great idea.

One other thing I ought to mention, the constant shilling of Intel by certian influencers, sponsoring them, paying them to say that they are the "best choice" and that they have the superior gaming performance... It's only because they are getting paid to say that. Come on Intel! Do what's right!

Now what about those "Apple Fanboys"? Well if you thought Intel fanboys were bad, I've got another thing coming! Apple is one of those really scummy companies, after Mr Steve Jobs died, the company pretty much died along with it, when it changed hands, things changed... but for the worse, rather than the better, this once great company changed in a way that was really not good!

But I digress... So what about the fanboys? Well, they stuck around after Mr Jobs died, and continued to suckle off of the company, even though it slowly became less and less consumer focused, in general their products became worse quality, the iPhone 6 looked nice but its structure meant that it could be bent easily, they removed the headphone jack with the iPhone 7, which many people really hated (and still to this day really hate),focusing away from their over priced phones, with the iPhone 10 having a release price of $999, we look at their computers... which are even worse off than the phones, but some how people still use them (some how) not only are they way over priced, but they are also really unreliable, it started off with SSDs in MacBooks being sub-par, and dying quickly and for no reason, then the non-upgradable, soldered componants, then those shite butterfly keyboards that feel bad and die really quickly, and the mostherboards and circuitery that breaks really easily and for no reason... Then there's the repairs... Not only do you have to have some sort of warranty or cover, but in most cases it costs as much as buying a whole new computer just to get it repaired! So you want to do it yourself? NOPE! That's not even going to happen, from their phones to their Mac and iMac pro, they are all locked down and difficult to updrade or repair, so if you want to fix the prevelent thermal throttling issue with your iMac/MacBook... Sorry, you're not allowed to do that, you have to take that to an AASP (Authorized Apple Service Provider or whatever the fuck it is called) which are probably still overpriced, because in all liklihood, they're first, or second party, becuase Apple does not like third party repairs for whatever-the-fuck reason, which is entirely stupid.

Currently they're under fire for this, as with the earth's limited resources, and the fact that their stuff is overpriced, people dont want to just buy another one, or have it sent off for expensive repairs, people want to take things into their own hands and do it themselves. I dont see why that is such a problem for Apple to comprehend... What annoys me more is that the fanboys do nothing about this, they just exopect these actions from Apple, how and why they can do this I dont know, but when they ratter on and on about Apple "being the best tech company in the world" all I know is to take that with a fuckton of salt because what they are saying is most likely BS...

It would be wrong not to continue the shit storm that I am explaining here, anotehr thing that ticks not just me but many other people off is the lack of "Pro-ness" in their new $53k cheesegrater, that thing is limited to AMD GPUs, yes they are dual GPUs, meaning a total of 8 GPU dies can be added into a single tower, and now I may sound like an nVidia fanboy (Which I sort of am but ok), but my main annoyance for this is that the AMD cards lack features that most modern nVidia cards have, as for the need of Apple's expensive accelerator card, don't get me wrong, AMDs new Pro Vega II cards look pretty awsome, but there are benefits to having compatibility with nVidia stuff as well. To add to that, one complaint is that the system is Xeon based, and yes I can understand where people are getting at, EPYC exists and is far cheaper and has many more cores, more than twice the amount that Intel has (This was where I was trying to get at earlier) Now I know that I'm NEVER going to have one of these Mac Pros, but if I was one of the people that would be buying it I would want it to be as pro as it could possibly be, using quadros and a 64 core EPYC, we may see this in the future, but for the moment it is essentially just another Xeon based workstation with some custom AMD graphics cards (I would really like to see AMD making these Graphics cards in a PC form factor, we haven't seen Dual GPUs since the AMD 295x2 and the GTX 690/Titan Z)

But yeah, the fanboys seem to ratter on and on about how amazing apple is, even though I know 100% that they know of the downfalls and issues that the company has, they just wont shut up about how Mac is better than PC, and that MacOS is supirior... God someone knock some sense into them... Having watched many videos about people's bad experiences with their products I have noo idea why they keep coming back to them: 1. An Apple fanboy buys an Apple product, 2. The fanboy is shocked that the product and service is shit, 3. The Apple fanboy continues to buy Apple products... This makes no sense to me, their products and services and comsumer care is terrible, and they seem not to care about whatever the fuck the consumer needs/wants.