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So as you my know I am quite interested in computers, and naturally that means that I have quite a lot of computers, this lead to the idea of creating a naming scheme for each one of them, I thought I should draw some inspiration from that of Tim James from GreenHamGamingTV, Similar to the the "AMT" naming scheme, I actually first got this idea from the same person who sold me the 2007 Machine back in 2016, where they used acronyms to describe their current computers at the time. Personally I like both of these ideas, rather than just referring to a computer as your "Custom PC" or your "Insert model name here", however as un-imagineative as I and my friends are, we have all fallen into the trap of just calling our computers just that... So yeah there's no naming scheme here, it's just the "2007 Machine", the "Dell Dimension ABCXYZ", or the "Presario something-or-another".

So here we are, I will just have a load of computers listed here, with the name of the owner on top, as well as having page selections on each page, so for example this will be Page 1.

This is the Computers and Users index, here you can find different Setup/Configurations by many different people!

hardrivethrutown's Computers:

Main Computer (Ryzen 5 2600, GTX 1070)

Main Laptop (Ryzen 7 3750h, GTX 1660 Ti)

The Old 2007 Machine (C2Q Q6600, 8800GTX)

The New 2007 Machine (C2Q Q6600, HD 3870)

2010 Experiment (i7 950, GTX 480)

Dell Dimension 8300 (P4 3.2G, FX 5500-8X)

The Pi4 (4 Core ARM, 8GB RAM) - NEW NITA Server

The Win98 Machine (Pentium II, RIVA TNT2)

Old Xeon Workstation (P2 Xeon 400, ELSA VC)

Toshiba Tecra 750DVD (Pentium MMX 233, S3 ViRGE/MX)

Sony VAIO (Pentium M 1.83GHz, GMA 920)

2000 PackardBell iConnect (Celeron 667, Motherboard IGP)

Dell Optiplex GX60 (Celeron, Intel Extreme)

My parents PC (Athlon 3000G, Vega3)

Other Projects:

Prosentia 2000 (P4 2.8G, Radeon 2400Pro AGP) - Decommissioned

2004 Experiment (Athlon 64 4000+, 6800GT) - Not Completed

The "Carboot Computer" (Sempron, nForce4) - The Original NITA Server (Decommissioned)

Acer Aspire (Sempron 1.8GHz, Radeon x1050) - Decommissioned

AllThatGoodStuff's Computers:

Main computer (FX 8350, GTX 660)

i7 Workstation replacement (i7 3840QM, Quadro K2000M)

Compaq SR2038X (Athlon X2 3800+, GT 710)

Dell Dimension 4400 (P4 NW 2.0G, Rage128U AGP)

HP Mini 311 (Atom N270, GT 9400M)

Toshiba Libretto 50CT (Pentium 75, Chip&Tech)

DeskPro XE 450 (486DX2-50, Compaq QVision)

Compaq Presario 425 (486DX2-50, Cirrus Logic video 512K)

Dreamcast Gamer's Computers:

Main computer (A8 6500B, Radeon HD 8570D)

The Pavillion A1610n (Athlon X2 4200+, 9500GT)

Compaq Presario 425 (486SX-25, Cirrus Logic video 512K)

Compaq Presario 425 (486SX-25, Cirrus Logic video 512K)