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Fallout, from 1997 this game has captured the... uhh I can't really think of what to say other than this game, in pretty much all of it's versions was pretty good, fallout 1 & 2 (The orignal versions) look to have pretty cool looking retro graphics, on an iso - 3D map, everything seems much simpler in some ways and more difficult in others, that is if you have only played 3D FPS's...

Personally I have not ever played Fallout 1 & 2 however that is something that I plan on doing at some point in time, as they look pretty interesting. Then there is Fallout 3, the first fallout game by Bethesda, which i have not played either... It seems to new to be retro, but too old to be anthing advanced, I mean some of the character models and other stuff just seem not to have the desired level of detail that I would want if I were to play this, however, it is still something that I want to try out at some point, running with exactly the same engine and similar assets is Fallout: New Vegas, something that, in my honest opinion, is over rated, from a glance it just seems to be fallout 3, but with a different story and slightly changed assets, however, if it is a good as it is hyped up to be, I might as well try it out just to see.

Fallout 4... Somthing that I have been playing for quite a while now, I had never had any prior experience with an of the games from the series, so I just decided to go on with it and give it a try... I probably shouldn't have watched a playthrough before I started, as that kind of ruined the start of the game for me... however after I got past Kellog, I had already forgotten what happened next... until "Spoiler alert" someone told me that Shaun grew up to be the leader of the institute and that they are an old man... so that kinf of runied the story for me... I guess... Other than that the game is fun, I like the building aspect of the game and the "It just works" engine, I find that aspect of the game quite fun. Weapons modding is also quite a nice part of the game, honestly I had not thought that it could be fun to mess around with changing the looks of your stuff, building crap, such and such, for where I have gotten up to I have really enjoyed FO4

Now let's talk about 76... Ah yes... Fallout 76... "16 times the detail" it was supposed to be... "Four times the size of Fallout 4"... etc... etc... I remember when it came out, I remember seeing the Fallout 76 display at commicon in 2018, shortly after it was released, I thought nothing of it at the time, I just thought to myself "Oh another fallout game... huh", I still remember when Fallout 4 came out back in 2015, I remember seeing it in our local supermarket, ring in the door, right as you walked in, though even then I didn't really think anything of it... However, as it turns out, FO76 wasn't particularly good, being a large number of issues from day 1, not great for a $60 AAA game, really it should have been released for $10-$15 as a concept/test, which would have been more appropriate, really, the thing that killed the game was the insane amounf of hype surrounding it, people were really expecting more than could be provided (And the fact that the game was hugely rushed). However, no matter how broken the game seems to be, I find the idea of a multiplayer, post-nuculear survival game to be quite intriguing, really, especially since the new map that was created especially for the game, set in the West Virginian Appalachia, all of the new assets looks quite nice, and the fact that they have added in new things to look at and fight also makes it even cooler. Seriously I really liked the idea of this game, it didn't actually matter what people said about how bad it was, and I know that it has a lot of faults, but it is still something that I want to play at some point, and therefore I will... But not just yet, I'll wait a bit and see if it improves at all.

Talking about NPC characters in Fallout 4. I will start off by talking about one of the first characters you meet out of the vault, "Codsworth", the overly-enthusiastic robot helper from before the war, with a stereotypically British accent, really I didn't have a problem with Codsworth, I thought they were fine. Then there's "Dogmeat", one of your first companions, other than the strange name and the fact that you find them in the "Red Rocket", they are generally helpful, and I really exploited the maximul carry capacity when out gathering scrap material... I'm honestly not too sure why they decided to to call them that... Because it has certian implications, "Dogmeat", "Red Rocket", both things being euphemisms regarding a dog's penis. Other than that, something else that has become a bit of a meme is "Preston Gravy" and honestly I can see why... Every time you go anywhere near him he just seems like he wants to send you off to go and recon someother settlement... Which really does get annoying after he says he's going to mark something on your map for the bazillionth time (ugh). But in all seriousness he is quite helpful in some respects. Then there's Piper, the Diamond City news reporter/press, who seems to like to go ahead and shoot everything... that was how I got killed by a deathclaw one time... whilst trying to get away from it in the completetly opposite direction... Thanks I guess... She's also always getting in trouble with the Mayor. There's also Mama Murphy, whos a bit odd, but still she's not annoying or anything. Sturges reminds me of Guy Martin for some reason, then there's the couple, that wimpy guy and his really controlling wife who's always angry for some reason... The NPCs in the other settlements are pretty forgettable, I can't remember much about them other than they eventually decided to join the "Minutemen" and that they were somewhat friendly. Finally I will end on a note about Deathclaws... Yes, exactly what you think, I shouldn't really have a reason to talk about them, however they are one of the unique things in Fallout... That just gets the wrong sort of attention from certain people, that is what I will talk about in my "Deathclaws" rant.

There's been something that has always kind of bugged me, I mean it's not like it is something that would break the game at all, it's just that it straight up isn't even in there, but adding it would make it a bit more fun. Since I began the game I had noticed that there were cars literally everywhere, it's literally part of the damn game and it wouldn't be the same without them, however I can't fathom why you can't just hop into a corvega atomic v8 and tear up some shit BeamNG/GTA-style, that would be more fun than game-breaking I really don't know why it isn't a thing, I mean sure there are mods, but none of them really seem fit for purpose, they all just have weird game mechanics and drive around worse than in GTA3... OR even that "Big rigs racing" game that breaks the laws of physics, it would be nice if there was an official mod that actually made it so that the way you could repair vehicles was more similar to the "creative" side of the game, similar to the workshop, but instead of placing down obscene amounts of defenses, you can modify the cars... Now there were a few different ideas I had for propulsion systems, the two ones being fusion and fossil-fuel based, one of the common things in the game are generators, which are clearly gas-powered and run off of some sort of engine (Hence the noise and exhaust) those could easily be modified to run in a car, alternatively a modified stock engine that could accept fusion cores would also be a good idea, and would likely be faster, with the expense of uncommon fuel sources. personally this doesnt seem to game breaking to me... apart from trying to get away from enemies. I really don't think it would be to difficult to implement something like this, an interface similar to that of the 'weapons workbench' UI, but for the cars... Why isn't this a thing???